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      Lawn & Garden Equipment

      Lawn and Garden Product Highlights

      3-seater Gator crossover vehicle UTV

      Gator? Utility Vehicles

      Now’s the time to see how we’ve tested our side-by-side across North America’s most rugged terrain.

      Explore our UTV’s versatility

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      Product Ratings

      John Deere Lawn Tractors are rated by Consumer Reports.

      Consumer Reports does not endorse products or services.
      Read the Consumer Reports Ratings

      close up on mower deck showing mulching system

      Mulching 101

      What is mulching? Why should I consider doing it? Which is the best mower deck for me? How will it make my lawn look better?

      Learn all about mulching now

      birdseye view of a couple gardening with a John Deere lawn mower and cart

      Home & Garden Tips

      We have the know-how on the how-to for caring and enjoying your yard and garden. Informative articles and videos. Plus, the ideas are amazing.

      Visit YourBackyardTips.com

      Parts, Sales, Rewards and Reminders

      Gear Up for Fall logo

      Gear Up for Fall Sales Event

      You'll get quality John Deere products and enjoy great savings.

      John Deere Rewards Image

      Become a Member!

      Start your John Deere Rewards journey with a free Silver membership.

      Open 24 hours image

      John Deere Parts Store

      The perfect place to order mower blades, filters, belts, spark plugs, oil and home maintenance kits for your riding lawn equipment and Gator Utility Vehicles. Just add to your cart and your online order will be delivered right to your home.

      maintenance reminder sheet image

      Maintenance Reminders

      Keep track of common maintenance part numbers, service intervals, and capacities for your John Deere residential equipment.

      The Latest Lawn & Garden News

      View Lawn & Garden News

      Additional Resources

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