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    2. State and Local Purchasing

      State, Local & Cooperative Contracts

      Buying Made Easy

      Welcome to procurement, the easy way. With John Deere you have multiple options when it comes to getting the equipment you need. And you don't have to worry about the bidding process because that's already been taken care of. Choose below from both state and cooperative contracts, because having more than one option is a good thing.

      Cooperative Overviews

      Buy Board logo

      BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing

      Since 1998, the BuyBoard has delivered the vast economies of scale in purchasing products and services for local governments, big and small. BuyBoard was created to support and serve public schools, municipalities, county government, and all types of local government agencies and nonprofits. Combining the purchase power of our large membership provides the leverage to achieve better pricing on products, equipment, and services that are used every day.

      HGAC Buy logo

      Houston-Galveston Area Council

      The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) Cooperative Purchasing Program offers a service known as HGACBuy. HGACBuy is a "Government-to-Government" procurement service available nationwide. HGACBuy strives to make the governmental procurement process more efficient by establishing competitively priced contracts and providing the customer service necessary to help its members achieve their procurement goals.

      NPP logo

      National Purchasing Partners

      National Purchasing Partners (NPP) is a cooperative purchasing organization offering a portfolio of competitively bid, publicly awarded contracts to public entities. NPP is owned by Virginia Mason Medical Center. Our non-profit hospital background and unmatched discounts from world class vendors seamlessly address your purchasing needs.

      Sourcewell logo


      The National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) is pleased to announce it’s new name: Sourcewell. We are a government agency, powered by state statute to serve our public-sector membership. Our employees are passionate about service and committed to helping our members succeed so that they can fulfill their own public service missions. We strategically reinvest in regional programs and national partnerships that benefit our members. Membership is free.

      Featured Products

      Special Application Vehicles

      Introducing the New Special Application Vehicles

      These UTVs, built on the chassis and drive train of John Deere’s legendary Utility Vehicles Work Series platform, are custom-modified by IAS to meet the specific needs of Law Enforcement, Security, Fire and Rescue pros—making it easy to get personnel and equipment into tight spaces, from sporting events and campuses to accident scenes and disaster locations.

      • 2-door or 4-door
      • Long-bed or short-bed
      • Mission-ready or Purpose-built
      • Matching “Trail-Braker” ZTW trailer

      *By visiting IASMN.com you are visiting a third-party website that is not maintained or controlled by John Deere. John Deere is not responsible for the content of the IASMN.com site.

      Z950R ZTrak? Zero-Turn Mower

      Z950R ZTrak? Zero-Turn Mower

      The path to easier procurement and better-looking grounds starts with a 7-Iron™ PRO mowing deck, available Mulch On Demand™ for a great cut and easy clean-up, a unique cross-porting transmission to keep the hydraulic fluids cooler, and the simple turn of a key to start the powerful engine to keep mowing all day long.

      Follow link to view Tractors and Agriculture equipment


      View tractors and a wide selection of other agriculture and farming equipment.

      Follow link to view Construction equipment


      Equipment for construction, grounds maintenance, material handling, roadwork and more.

      Follow link to view Gator Utility Vehicles

      Gator? Utility Vehicles

      Tough enough for just about any job you can throw at them.

      Follow link to view Golf & Sports Turf equipment

      Golf & Sports Turf

      Maintain your golf courses and playing fields with precision mowing equipment.

      Follow link to view Landscaping and Grounds Care equipment

      Landscaping & Grounds Care

      Explore commercial mowers and worksite equipment for all your landscaping and grounds care needs.

      Follow link to view Lawn & Garden Equipment

      Lawn & Garden

      Riding mowers, attachments, and more.

      Large Tractor pulling cutter

      5 and 6 Series Utility Tractors

      Get the power, the features, and the configurations to keep you mowing along the side of the road.

      tractor roadside mowing

      Heavy-Duty Roadside Mowing Cutters

      The biggest, toughest cutters we make, from the front hitch to the rear suspension.

      Municipal Leasing

      Municipal Leasing

      Learn about a low-cost, low-risk alternative route to outright purchase equipment or an installment load.

      Dealer Locator Image

      John Deere Dealers – Your business partner

      Your local John Deere dealer helps you make the most of your equipment budget Dollars.  

      View Filters


      John Deere filters – Engineered and tested for John Deere engines and equipment.

      Maintenance Fluids

      Maintenance Fluids

      Long lasting oils, coolants, grease and more for your hard working machines.

      Extended Warranty Information

      Extended Warranty Information

      Purchase John Deere equipment with confidence. Extend your warranty with PowerGard™ Protection Plan, PowerGard™ Protection Plan Residential (Residential Plan), and more.

      Manuals and Parts Catalogs

      Manuals and Parts Catalogs

      Quickly access material online for repair, maintenance, parts, safety, and service of your John Deere owned equipment.

      Additional Resources

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